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Change in all ways

With the start of the New Year and new decade approaching, I started thinking a lot about how I wanted to come into it. I have so much to be thankful for in my life and thankfully I still want to be and to do more.

Making promises

I have many friends who choose affirmations, resolutions, promises, and words to help them achieve their next steps in life. I haven’t really taken part in those in many years. In part because of my fear of getting lazy and not fulfilling it. But something is different about this year for me. I have been working on a shift in my life lately and I decided that I will continue to do that and so I spent some time on a 3300 mile road trip thinking about it. What would encourage me to do more, to make that shift, to break the habit, switch the course, stop the pattern, and to get moving?

I found my word

Change. The word kept coming back into my head. Change. In order find success in making the shift, breaking the habit, switching courses, stopping the pattern, and to get moving, things would have to CHANGE. I’ve done this before, many of us have in order to get out of ruts. We’ve changed jobs, homes, friends, fitness routines, gyms, cars, and hobbies…all of those things we have changed, switched, quit or started are because a change was needed. All of these changes are a an opporutnity for a fresh beginning


So I have these three things written in my new daily journal (change #1)… I have this reminder written down once and I intend to write it again and again so I am constantly reminded that in order to get what I want, I have to see it first. Then I have to do the work. And then and only then, can I fully be in the change.

Let’s change together

This applies to so many aspects of my life. And I am happy to share it with you to apply too, we can do it together. Provide each other support and connections. It is highly impactful to put this same work into your events and conferences? You see opportunity for growth, you see perception of your event evolving. You must first do the thing… consider options on new activities, implement them. These can take time to grow legs, they can take some momentum to build up excitement. But once it does…then you will have done it, you will have become the Change, and your event became your vision.


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