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Minor Cut, Major Breakthrough

I was chopping broccoli the other day and I cut my thumb. It wasn't gory, no blood, no run to the ER, just a minor cut. But as you can see from the image, it left a mark. And anytime I do something with that thumb, like texting or "thumbing" through social media, I'm thumb hurts.

It gave me pause. I wondered how many other minor things have happened in my life that gave me pain or made me shift how I normally do things and then I got a breakthrough!?

I was talking to someone recently about online dating. She met her husband through online dating, I did not. I said to her, once you are our age and you find yourself online looking for someone, it's likely you've kissed all the frogs and then low and behold, you kiss even more.

My experiences with online dating were filled with stories. Some worth a good laugh at a dinner party, and others that left wounds that took time to heal. Wounds that I thought I had done a pretty good job at cleaning, caring for and sealing.

Until I met my person. And then he has had the good fortune of finding where those wounds had bandaids on them. Those wounds hadn't healed, but they had scarred. The thick scars, the ones you wish were from story about a knife fight but alas they are from taking a pizza out of the oven and burning yourself kind of story.

The minor cuts to the amputations, the figurative and the literal...they leave reminders of a time when we got hurt. But isn't it up to us, or for my person, up to him, to heal it properly So a minor cut gave me a big breakthrough on healing. And a minor breakdown I had while planning our wedding gave us a major breakthrough on seeing the thick and hard scars that needed to heal. And we did that.

It's been a while since I've written and as you can see, a lot has happened... can you see the sparkle in the picture too? Focus on that, look beyond the hurt, beyond the cut, into the shiny, new beginning.

Let's talk about the good stuff next time! Until then, this is me, signing off for the last time at 43.

Minor cut, Major Bling

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