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The Unwritten Story


I am living the life the universe had planned for me, exactly as I never imagined. I thought things would happen along the way and wished things would turn out how I thought I wanted, but they didn't and in turn, something truly magical happened. I found happiness. I discovered adventure. I stood with my feet firmly planted on the ground and I gave trust over to what will be will be. And when I did, I became thankful for never settling for less than I wanted or worse, less than what I deserved. And I traveled, I hiked, I made new friends, fell in love, and did the work to fall out of it, I became really good at my career and stopped apologizing for it, I started a business, I have helped friends and strangers in their darkest or most confusing hours because I accepted that I am an empath and one thing the universe had in mind for me was to listen. Writing this memoir and sharing stories of what I see, hear, touch, feel and experience on this blog is my way of talking, but at the same time, maybe showing you too that you have been heard.


This blog and writing my memoir is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I became a writer so that I could share my life with you. I hope you enjoy reading and that you know my intention is to make you laugh, and think and yes, sometimes cry, because it happens to all of taking a turn we didn't expect, but it is about learning not to Break when the road bends and following an unknown path. Read on and enjoy!

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