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Speak Up

Growing up as the youngest of three girls, I had the advantage of being the baby. At this point, my parents had the parenting thing down, plus they had two other kids to help show me the way to do things or better yet, how not to do some things. Like hiding beer bottles in the closet in high school or saying nothing incriminating on an answering machine.

But being the youngest also meant sometimes I felt like I had to be louder to be heard. I don't necessarily think that's true anymore, but I think that's why I was the way I was then.

I learned however, that being louder doesn't isn't always effective, using my voice is. At least I said something. At least I was honest. At least I asked.

"At lreast" is my way of CYAing myself. I cover my own ass because it is nobody else responsibility to do it. I've spoken the truth when it has been painful. I've let myself be heard even when the masses don't agree. Because maybe I won't say it aloud, but if I'm right, I can say "I told you so" under my breadth.

I watched a video recently of an actress being accused of being rude and her response needed to be said louder for the people in the back. I won't stop sticking up for myself and I will continue to be my best advocate. And if that is seen as rude, then that's their interpretation, not my intention.

I had a former female colleague who used to often tell me I was intimidating. I finally said, that's how I'm perceived, that's not what I'm delivering.

If you earned your seat at the table, make sure you remind the room, including yourself, where you sit. Be true to who you are and never forget how you came to arrive.

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