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The Year I Saw So Many Shades of Red

I can't believe it is December 31, 2021. I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to accurately close this year and how it affected me. And all I came up with is I saw all shades of red.

I saw red in the anger I felt towards news and information we received.

I saw red in the tears I shed from frustration and defeat.

I saw red in my cheeks after belly laughs and late nights.

I saw red on my arm after I received the first, second and third shot of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine.

I saw red when the delta variant reared up and nearly devastated my industry again.

I saw red in holiday lights and cheer was being spread throughout the city

I saw red when Omicron nearly destroyed holiday gatherings.

I saw red when the bathroom I had remodeled was left unfinished and mis-measured.

I saw red in my dad's face when he made a joke to lighten the frustration.

I saw red when I felt my heart soften enough to fall in love and know that it wasn't through rose colored glasses I was seeing him.

This year has been filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows, in all those shades and ways of red.

My family grew closer again as we were given the green light to travel, hug each other and lean on each other.

I made new friends and saw parts of the US I hadn't seen before.

I got to hike and breathe in fresh mountain air while searching for bears and elk and finding comfort, solace and laughter.

I lost my best friend of 17 years, but was able to hold him in my arms as he passed through to the rainbow bridge.

I got to see my human best friends show up, shine their brightest colors, be bold, an show immense bravery.

I witnessed my family's strength and love grow stronger.

I saw my other fur baby feel heartbreak for the very first time and was able to comfort her through my own.

I temporarily closed my business with a heavy heart, but opened my soul to writing a book and a blog.

I let myself be free to fall and fail and fell into someone's arms, so unexpected that I stopped writing because I felt so supported that my words couldn't provide me the same comfort that those who I had surrounded myself with had.

I saw red through tears and through laughter, through sunrises and sunsets, through anger and confusion, love and frustration, sweat and pain, on my skin and in the whites of my eyes. I saw red in the best of ways and in the worst, but with each day, I kept my eyes open, I kept moving, I kept looking, I kept seeing the light.

So to 2021, you worked hard at lifting me to my highest and slamming me aggressively back down time and time again, but I lived each moment intently, with presence and prayer.

My intention for 2022 is to paint life with the colors of love, understanding, hope, friendship, prayers, faith and comfort.

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