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Talk About It

Those conversations you don't want to have, have them. That question you are afraid to ask, ask it. Those words you are not sure you can articulate, fumble through them.

Let me tell you this, talk about it. Invite someone into your space. Maybe they won't understand. Maybe it won't be the answer you hope for. Maybe you will will ignite more questions than you are ready to answer or maybe you don't know.

But do it.

Not having those conversations, not asking the questions, nor diving into the unknown, it could leave you with regret. But if you don't, it might leave them with more questions, more anger, more feelings of abandonment and uncertainty.

The conversations are hard, but not having them doesn't make it unreal. Not having them doesn't stop it from happening. Not asking doesn't make it happen. It just pulls it out. It just invites the elephant into the room instead of carrying it with you connected by a chain everywhere you go, unsure if they see it. They feel it.

There is this beautiful story that when a female elephant gives birth, the other adult females circle around the mother and calf, stomping, making noise, picking up dust, keeping danger away.

Asking the questions, having the conversations, fumbling through the words, it allows you to be surrounded by those that want to protect you, to surround you to pick up the dust and dirt of getting the hard stuff out so everyone can get louder with their love and their support

Get dirty, so we can get louder for you.

It's time.

It's your time.

Happy New Year

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