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Listen Up, Your Body is Talking

Your body hears everything your mind says

I found this quote by Naomi Judd (or at least that is what the “interwebs” said) as I was working on my social media output for EvConFITNESS. And it really made think. How true, very true it is.

Hold your Head Up They Said

I hold so much tension in my neck. Once when I was about 30, after seeing the doctor for the third time in a year for a cortisone shot in my neck, he said, “nobody your age should be needing these this much. Maybe you should reduce your stress.” I thought to myself “I need this job, I’m expected to be the best, I’ll reduce my stress another day”. I started naming my neck spasms and cricks after the people or events that were putting on the pressure, adding to my unending pile of work, and increased my insecurity about my inability to do it all. “Let’s call this one Bill, or John or this conference or that event.” I used humor to deflect (ummm…I still do) My body was breaking down, but I wasn’t backing down.

We Cannot Listen to You Anymore

About 5 years ago I got a nasty cough that was straight from the chest. I could not get rid of it. No honey, no lemon, nothing. But here is the kicker…I felt 100% healthy. My co-workers in Chile were tired of listening to me so one of them told me to go see his wife. She practiced “Bio-Magnitismo”. I didn’t know what it was, but I was willing to try anything. I laid down on a table with my feet hanging off and she started the process. Putting magnets everywhere after she would shake my feet at my ankles, while saying different ailments and place magnets where I guess my body was letting off magnetic energy…or lack thereof. I never really knew. But at the end, with so many magnets around my chest, heart, throat, neck and even my lower lumbar, she began to ask questions and I began to understand the connection between my ailments and what was going on in my life, not just work.

The heart won’t take cortisone

My heart was broken and I was stunted from speaking my truth, therefore my chest and my throat were burning from that sensation, not to mention I was having trouble sitting up straight and moving my head around without it hurting. And so, I began to talk about my pain, unleash what I had buried and my cough, the burning, and the phlegm started to disappear. I started to sit up straight and the pain in my spine eased. You see, emotionally, I was heartbroken, and my body was reacting to the pain. I was uncertain about my career future, so I was shrinking into myself.

It is Time to Move-On

I spoke my truth, and at that time, my truth was I wanted to move home. I wanted to explore South America, I wanted to take some time and figure out what I wanted to do. And so I did. I sat up a little taller. The cricks faded. My body became my guided to truly being aware of what was going on in my life. When it speaks, I listen.

Why I don’t Sleep

I’ve talked about this in a previous post, but I struggle with sleeping because of anxiety. I have anxiety because I want to get it all done. I want to get it all done, because I want to be successful. I want to be successful because I want to add value. I want to add value to your events, yes, but I also want to add value to my life in addition to the value that’s already been planted. So my body reacts to the sleep deprivation by swelling under my eyes and sluggishness. So I meditate. I practice yoga. I run. I eat well. I splurge. I laugh. I follow my instincts. I listen to my un-broken heart. I have found my problem, my cause and effect, my solution and my acceptance. My cricks are from headstands. My chest is clear. My aches are from hard work and not from ignoring anything anymore.

Our bodies are always listening

We cannot hide from our bodies. IMPOSSIBLE. So listen up, check out the outside world when the one inside is in turmoil. Slow down. Breathe. Run. Stretch. Sit quietly and set a timer. It will get done. This will be over. You can start again. It won’t last forever. Be good to your body, it will return the favor.


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