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Be in Awe and of Acceptance

When I first felt Awe

Two weeks ago I ran nine miles straight in one hour and twenty seven minutes. I was in awe of my body’s capability to push through the pain and the negative thoughts that started to consume me around mile seven. Have you ever done something that you were suprised you could do?

I had to learn acceptance

The following day I felt great. I wasn’t sore, my body was ready for another challenge. I was at an event I was sponsoring and we offered a boot camp class. I had just run 9 miles and felt good, I knew I could conquer bootcamp without issue. It kicked my hard working, nine mile ass. I wasn’t sure I could make it. The teacher was fantastic, that is what she was there to do…ass kick. I had to accept my body is capable of many things, it was capable of finishing bootcamp, but I accepted the fact that I had been defeated. Have you ever thought you could do something well but turns out you could use some work?

Turning that practice into real life

My body isn’t the only thing I challenge on a nearly daily basis. I challenge who I am as an entrepreneur too. I sponsoed an event and was in awe of the reception I got and the interest in EvConFITNESS to be a part of other events in the future. I was told by everyone I should be at another event two weeks later in Vegas and keep the momentum going. It was going to cost a lot of money, and I mean A LOT, especially for a budding entrepreneur. I thought long and hard about my options, about what was right, necessary and expected. And I thought about who I am as an entrepreneur. I’m working hard at growing my business, but I’m better at making connections when I have the opportunity to share it’s relevance. I’m more inclined to do follow up after I did the #fitworking. So I accepted that my best option would be to pass up Vegas and put a plan together for the next event.

Missed Opportunities or Discovered Intuition

At some point or another most of us have experienced FOMO…Should we be there? If we aren’t, will we miss out on something and never get it back? No. The answer to both is no. Following intuition is the best advise I can give to anyone. Your gut is literally telling you what to do. Are financial responsibilities or previous commitments pulling at you? Then listen. Boredom and laziness? Push it aside and go. Fear? Face it! Be in awe of what you can do and even at the decisions you make. Be in acceptance of who you are and especially of your choices.


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